Neotype designation of Onyxacalles pyrenaeus and description of its sibling species Onyxacalles boehmei sp. nov. from Central Europe (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:M. Kostal, Holecova M.
Journal:Entomological Problems
Date Published:June
Type of Article:Article
:Acalles roboris, Onyxacalles, Onyxacalles boehmei, Onyxacalles pyrenaeus

A new species, Onyxacalles boehmei, as a sibling species to Onyxacalles pyrenaeus (Boheman, 1844) is described. A neotype of Onyxacalles pyrenaeus (Boheman, 1844) is designated. Differential diagnosis and geographical distribution of both sibling species, illustrations and key to all four Central European Onyxacalles species are given. Moreover, the practical quideline to differential diagnosis of Onyxacalles pyrenaeus-group is included.

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